Revelation 21.1-6: A Vision of Hope

Today is All Saints Day so I’m going to talk about hope. What is hope? In everyday speech hope is by definition something we’re not sure about, something about which we have no great assurance or confidence. In the Christian faith hope is exactly the opposite. Hope in the New Testament is not wishful thinking:Continue reading “Revelation 21.1-6: A Vision of Hope”

My view of God or His?

In last week’s lectionary Gospel reading we saw Jesus taking people on a journey of discovery. He showed them two things. First, he showed them that the bread they were so interested in (having been miraculously fed by Jesus in the wilderness) was a foretaste of something much more important – a kind of nourishmentContinue reading “My view of God or His?”

In praise of the nation state

Why stand up for the nation state? Isn’t this a bit out of date? I don’t think so. The nation state still has a vital place in human society – for several reasons, the first of which has become particularly relevant during the current pandemic. The nation state has borders. Borders allow nations to protectContinue reading “In praise of the nation state”