Love Story #6 They have no wine (Part 2)

When Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding in Cana, he was responding to his mother’s pointed words to him: “they have no wine”. Given the fact that he chose to rectify the situation, his apparent rebuff doesn’t seem to make sense: Woman, what concern is that to you and to me? My hourContinue reading “Love Story #6 They have no wine (Part 2)”

Love Story #5 They have no wine

When the supply of wine at the wedding in Cana dries up, Jesus’ mother steps in and brings the problem to her son: “they have no wine”. Her example is a foretaste of the power of prayer to supply our needs. Tim Matthews and his wife Debi planted a new church at St Swithun’s, Bournemouth,Continue reading “Love Story #5 They have no wine”

Exodus Explored #2

In my previous post I began exploring Tim Mahoney’s “pattern of evidence” for the sequence of events leading up to, and following on from, the exodus of Israel from Egypt. I looked at the first three in the pattern: Arrival, Multiplication and Slavery. Now it’s time to examine the final three: Judgment, Exodus and Conquest.Continue reading “Exodus Explored #2”