Interview with Jackie Pullinger

Jackie Pullinger is one of the most inspiring missionary pioneers of the twentieth (and now the twenty-first) centuries. She went to Hong Kong in the 1960s as a twenty-something music graduate and found herself working with addicts, prostitutes and Triad gangsters in the notorious Walled City. Here she is (interviewed by Nicky and Pippa GumbelContinue reading “Interview with Jackie Pullinger”

Truth, humility and justice

This is a sermon given on the first Sunday of Lent this year, based on Mark 1.9-15 (the lectionary Gospel reading for the day) with a side glance at the New Testament reading – 1 Peter 3.18-end. There is a brief mention of “our team”, which is a reference to our local team of churchesContinue reading “Truth, humility and justice”