Love Story # 10: He revealed his glory

You can listen to this post as an audio file – see below – or read the text. John’s Gospel tells us that when Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding in Cana of Galilee, he “revealed his glory”. Does that mean a “blaze of glory” – a spectacular show which would wow theContinue reading “Love Story # 10: He revealed his glory”

Through a Glass Darkly

I’ve posted a couple of accounts of miracles recently, which might prompt questions for some readers about the scientific credibility of the miraculous. There is a widespread assumption around in the media that science has more or less disproved God. If that is the case, then we can forget about miracles. But is it theContinue reading “Through a Glass Darkly”

Love Story #9 The water had become wine (Part 2)

The miracle at the wedding in Cana was a miracle of transformation. Miracles of transformation can be hard to verify. This is particularly true of miracles of healing. What follows is unusual in that a qualified doctor was able to examine the patient both before and after the miracle. Our son Nicholas lived and workedContinue reading “Love Story #9 The water had become wine (Part 2)”

Love Story #8 The water had become wine

Can we really believe that Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding in Cana? Many people believe not. The Scottish philosopher David Hume has been influential in shaping our culture’s scepticism about miracles. Writing at the end of the eighteenth century, he described a miracle as “a violation of the laws of nature”. IContinue reading “Love Story #8 The water had become wine”