Building for the Kingdom

In my last post I talked about the Christian hope of resurrection – of heaven coming to earth at the second coming of Christ so that the whole creation is healed and purged of evil and suffering forever. That hope raises some questions. If it’s true, then what are we meant to do now? HowContinue reading “Building for the Kingdom”

Love Story #13: The Hungry Heart

In my reflections on the wedding at Cana I’ve told several stories of people’s faith journeys and the resistance to God often experienced as part of that journey. Sometimes, however, people respond to the good news of God’s Kingdom, not with resistance, but with a hungry heart. This is one of those instances. Carl MedearisContinue reading “Love Story #13: The Hungry Heart”

Love Story #7 My hour has not yet come

When Mary suggests that he might do something about the shortage of wine at the wedding in Cana, Jesus appears to rebuff her: My hour has not yet come. John 2.4 He is referring to the “hour” of his passion and death on the cross – a theme which recurs in this Gospel (John 7.30,Continue reading “Love Story #7 My hour has not yet come”