Faith seeking understanding

This week’s Gospel reading takes us to the end of John Chapter 6 and the final outcome of Jesus’ long discourse on the bread of life. Up to this point the crowd have grumbled about Jesus’ teaching, but now the grumbling begins to infect the circle of his disciples as well: Many of his disciplesContinue reading “Faith seeking understanding”

Why does Jesus tell us to eat him?

Last week we explored how people reacted to Jesus’ revelation that he himself was and is the bread of life which comes down from heaven. How could this man they knew all about claim to come from heaven? It was a lot to take in. In this week’s Gospel reading Jesus reveals the shocking pointContinue reading “Why does Jesus tell us to eat him?”

My view of God or His?

In last week’s lectionary Gospel reading we saw Jesus taking people on a journey of discovery. He showed them two things. First, he showed them that the bread they were so interested in (having been miraculously fed by Jesus in the wilderness) was a foretaste of something much more important – a kind of nourishmentContinue reading “My view of God or His?”

The Gift or the Giver?

Being retired and therefore no longer required to produce a new sermon every week I thought I would try sharing some thoughts on the Gospel passage set for the coming Sunday, in the hope they might prove useful to hard-pressed preachers, Bible Study leaders or just anybody who wants to reflect on the lectionary readings.Continue reading “The Gift or the Giver?”

Lost and found: a testimony for Trinity Sunday

You can’t understand the Trinity, but you can experience God as Trinity. That is the work of the Spirit, and He is the focus of today’s Gospel: the account of Jesus’ meeting with Nicodemus in John 3. The Spirit is the executive arm of God. Where the rubber hits the road. God works in hisContinue reading “Lost and found: a testimony for Trinity Sunday”

Grace and Truth

Professor Tom Wright was for seven years chaplain of Worcester College, Oxford. Every year he spent a few minutes individually with first-year undergraduates to welcome them to the College and make a start on getting to know them. Generally he found that the students were happy to meet him, but many also commented along theContinue reading “Grace and Truth”

Love Story #6 They have no wine (Part 2)

When Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding in Cana, he was responding to his mother’s pointed words to him: “they have no wine”. Given the fact that he chose to rectify the situation, his apparent rebuff doesn’t seem to make sense: Woman, what concern is that to you and to me? My hourContinue reading “Love Story #6 They have no wine (Part 2)”