Father & Son: Luke 3.15-22

It’s the season of Epiphany, which means “Manifestation” or “Revelation”. And this Sunday we get to the baptism of Jesus, where the crowds – themselves waiting to be baptised – hear the voice from heaven proclaim “You are my Son, whom I love”. This Father:Son relationship is at the heart of Christian faith: the CreedsContinue reading “Father & Son: Luke 3.15-22”

Lost and found: a testimony for Trinity Sunday

You can’t understand the Trinity, but you can experience God as Trinity. That is the work of the Spirit, and He is the focus of today’s Gospel: the account of Jesus’ meeting with Nicodemus in John 3. The Spirit is the executive arm of God. Where the rubber hits the road. God works in hisContinue reading “Lost and found: a testimony for Trinity Sunday”