Mark 7: Looking good or being good?

Why are the Pharisees in this Sunday’s passage from Mark’s Gospel so bothered about washing hands before eating? What exactly did they expect? Was it (as the NRSV translates) that people should “thoroughly wash their hands”? In other words, were they genuinely bothered about cleanliness? Or were they (as the NIV translates) looking for aContinue reading “Mark 7: Looking good or being good?”

Gender Agenda – a perspective for Pentecost

We live in a time of sometimes bewildering cultural change, old norms being taken apart and discarded before our eyes. The writer Paul Kingsnorth puts it like this: If you’re broadly socially conservative – which in practice means that you hold views which were entirely mainstream until about about five years ago – the questionsContinue reading “Gender Agenda – a perspective for Pentecost”

Grace and Truth

Professor Tom Wright was for seven years chaplain of Worcester College, Oxford. Every year he spent a few minutes individually with first-year undergraduates to welcome them to the College and make a start on getting to know them. Generally he found that the students were happy to meet him, but many also commented along theContinue reading “Grace and Truth”