Genesis revisited

In the long-running debate between science and (Christian) faith, the standard view of those who want to preserve the truth of faith is that science answers the “how” questions and faith answers the “why” questions. According to that way of thinking, it’s no good expecting science to answer questions about meaning and purpose, nor isContinue reading “Genesis revisited”

Is Black Theology the answer to racism?

The Church of England’s new report on racism in the church makes the following recommendation: Participation in an introductory Black Theology module or module on Theologies in Global Perspective to be a requirement for all ordinands From Lament to Action page 33 – emphasis added Not knowing anything about Black Theology, and taking a cueContinue reading “Is Black Theology the answer to racism?”

In praise of the nation state

Why stand up for the nation state? Isn’t this a bit out of date? I don’t think so. The nation state still has a vital place in human society – for several reasons, the first of which has become particularly relevant during the current pandemic. The nation state has borders. Borders allow nations to protectContinue reading “In praise of the nation state”

A Perfect Planet?

This post is available as an audio file – see below – and as text you can read. I was intrigued by the title of David Attenborough’s BBC series “A Perfect Planet”. The series demonstrates the intricate and delicate connections between the various systems that operate on our planet. Even things like volcanoes which superficiallyContinue reading “A Perfect Planet?”

Love Story #3 – “On the third day” (again)

John’s Gospel has been described as a sea in which a child can paddle and an elephant can swim. It is both very simple and full of hidden depths. In these posts my aim is to explore some of the hidden depths of the account of the wedding at Cana in Galilee. The opening wordsContinue reading “Love Story #3 – “On the third day” (again)”