Mark 7.24-end: Two Healings

The Gospel passage for this coming Sunday tells the story of two people healed by Jesus: the demon-afflicted daughter of a woman from Tyre and a deaf mute person from the region of the Decapolis. Putting the two accounts side by side tells us quite a lot about Jesus’ healing ministry and, by extension, aboutContinue reading “Mark 7.24-end: Two Healings”

Faith seeking understanding

This week’s Gospel reading takes us to the end of John Chapter 6 and the final outcome of Jesus’ long discourse on the bread of life. Up to this point the crowd have grumbled about Jesus’ teaching, but now the grumbling begins to infect the circle of his disciples as well: Many of his disciplesContinue reading “Faith seeking understanding”

Love Story #13: The Hungry Heart

In my reflections on the wedding at Cana I’ve told several stories of people’s faith journeys and the resistance to God often experienced as part of that journey. Sometimes, however, people respond to the good news of God’s Kingdom, not with resistance, but with a hungry heart. This is one of those instances. Carl MedearisContinue reading “Love Story #13: The Hungry Heart”

Where the conflict really lies

We’ve all heard of the conflict between science and faith: Darwin supposedly disproved creation, the Bible is full of supposedly unscientific statements, Yuri Gagarin went into space and found there was no god/God and so on. Writing a sermon on the visit of the Magi to the child Jesus I wondered if Matthew’s account ofContinue reading “Where the conflict really lies”