A Good Friday Reflection on the power of the cross (based on the account in Mark’s Gospel)

Jesus was being crucified with two “rebels” or “bandits”. Not “thieves” as traditionally rendered. These were not men who had run off with somebody’s handbag. Crucifixion was reserved for runaway slaves and those who had rebelled against Roman rule. Jesus has the charge “King of the Jews” over his head. Only the Emperor is allowedContinue reading “A Good Friday Reflection on the power of the cross (based on the account in Mark’s Gospel)”

Mark 8.27-end: The quest for identity

The New Testament and Jesus in particular have a remarkable way of addressing contemporary issues. Take the quest for identity. The question “Who am I?” seems to occupy more of our time and energy than ever before. And the question itself is much more complex than it used to be. Is your identity something you’reContinue reading “Mark 8.27-end: The quest for identity”

Is Black Theology the answer to racism?

The Church of England’s new report on racism in the church makes the following recommendation: Participation in an introductory Black Theology module or module on Theologies in Global Perspective to be a requirement for all ordinands From Lament to Action page 33 – emphasis added Not knowing anything about Black Theology, and taking a cueContinue reading “Is Black Theology the answer to racism?”

Year of Wonders

“Year of Wonders”: not this past twelve months living with the virus but the title of a novel about the village of Eyam in Derbyshire, which was devastated by the plague for fourteen months, beginning in September 1665. Geraldine Brooks’ novel is a fictionalised account of those fourteen months. If you like well-researched historical novelsContinue reading “Year of Wonders”

Love Story #7 My hour has not yet come

When Mary suggests that he might do something about the shortage of wine at the wedding in Cana, Jesus appears to rebuff her: My hour has not yet come. John 2.4 He is referring to the “hour” of his passion and death on the cross – a theme which recurs in this Gospel (John 7.30,Continue reading “Love Story #7 My hour has not yet come”

Love Story #3 – “On the third day” (again)

John’s Gospel has been described as a sea in which a child can paddle and an elephant can swim. It is both very simple and full of hidden depths. In these posts my aim is to explore some of the hidden depths of the account of the wedding at Cana in Galilee. The opening wordsContinue reading “Love Story #3 – “On the third day” (again)”