Acts 2.14-41: How not to bore people with sermons

I was recently asked to preach a sermon about preaching sermons. Sermons do not have a good reputation. The novelist Anthony Trollope wrote in Barchester Towers: There is no greater hardship inflicted upon mankind in civilised countries than the necessity of listening to sermons. Must it be so? Do sermons have to be boring? IContinue reading “Acts 2.14-41: How not to bore people with sermons”

In praise of the nation state

Why stand up for the nation state? Isn’t this a bit out of date? I don’t think so. The nation state still has a vital place in human society – for several reasons, the first of which has become particularly relevant during the current pandemic. The nation state has borders. Borders allow nations to protectContinue reading “In praise of the nation state”