A Reflection for Palm Sunday

We’ve just had a long weekend in Jordan. Driving around I’ve enjoyed looking out for flocks of sheep and goats (sometimes with a shepherd), camels, and the occasional donkey. I’d like today to focus on the donkey ridden by Jesus into Jerusalem that first Palm Sunday. What is Jesus doing commandeering somebody else’s donkey? IsContinue reading “A Reflection for Palm Sunday”

Father & Son: Luke 3.15-22

It’s the season of Epiphany, which means “Manifestation” or “Revelation”. And this Sunday we get to the baptism of Jesus, where the crowds – themselves waiting to be baptised – hear the voice from heaven proclaim “You are my Son, whom I love”. This Father:Son relationship is at the heart of Christian faith: the CreedsContinue reading “Father & Son: Luke 3.15-22”

Advent 2: Repentance in Malachi & Luke

John the Baptist came to prepare the way of the Lord. To make straight paths for him – straight to the hearts, minds and lives of the people of God. How should we respond today? In this season of Advent, as we prepare to celebrate the first coming of the Lord and we anticipate hisContinue reading “Advent 2: Repentance in Malachi & Luke”

Daniel 12.1-4: Wisdom or Knowledge?

Do you believe in progress? Whether civilisation in general has progressed is an open question. What is not in question is that we have increased in knowledge. As Daniel says: Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase. Daniel 12.4 ESV That’s the best brief history of the world I know: lots ofContinue reading “Daniel 12.1-4: Wisdom or Knowledge?”

Revelation 21.1-6: A Vision of Hope

Today is All Saints Day so I’m going to talk about hope. What is hope? In everyday speech hope is by definition something we’re not sure about, something about which we have no great assurance or confidence. In the Christian faith hope is exactly the opposite. Hope in the New Testament is not wishful thinking:Continue reading “Revelation 21.1-6: A Vision of Hope”

Mark 8.27-end: The quest for identity

The New Testament and Jesus in particular have a remarkable way of addressing contemporary issues. Take the quest for identity. The question “Who am I?” seems to occupy more of our time and energy than ever before. And the question itself is much more complex than it used to be. Is your identity something you’reContinue reading “Mark 8.27-end: The quest for identity”

Mark 7.24-end: Two Healings

The Gospel passage for this coming Sunday tells the story of two people healed by Jesus: the demon-afflicted daughter of a woman from Tyre and a deaf mute person from the region of the Decapolis. Putting the two accounts side by side tells us quite a lot about Jesus’ healing ministry and, by extension, aboutContinue reading “Mark 7.24-end: Two Healings”