Gender Agenda – a perspective for Pentecost

We live in a time of sometimes bewildering cultural change, old norms being taken apart and discarded before our eyes. The writer Paul Kingsnorth puts it like this: If you’re broadly socially conservative – which in practice means that you hold views which were entirely mainstream until about about five years ago – the questionsContinue reading “Gender Agenda – a perspective for Pentecost”

Genesis revisited

In the long-running debate between science and (Christian) faith, the standard view of those who want to preserve the truth of faith is that science answers the “how” questions and faith answers the “why” questions. According to that way of thinking, it’s no good expecting science to answer questions about meaning and purpose, nor isContinue reading “Genesis revisited”

Is Black Theology the answer to racism?

The Church of England’s new report on racism in the church makes the following recommendation: Participation in an introductory Black Theology module or module on Theologies in Global Perspective to be a requirement for all ordinands From Lament to Action page 33 – emphasis added Not knowing anything about Black Theology, and taking a cueContinue reading “Is Black Theology the answer to racism?”

Through a Glass Darkly

I’ve posted a couple of accounts of miracles recently, which might prompt questions for some readers about the scientific credibility of the miraculous. There is a widespread assumption around in the media that science has more or less disproved God. If that is the case, then we can forget about miracles. But is it theContinue reading “Through a Glass Darkly”

Year of Wonders

“Year of Wonders”: not this past twelve months living with the virus but the title of a novel about the village of Eyam in Derbyshire, which was devastated by the plague for fourteen months, beginning in September 1665. Geraldine Brooks’ novel is a fictionalised account of those fourteen months. If you like well-researched historical novelsContinue reading “Year of Wonders”